Hawthorn, Melbourne


TSL Residence

Located in a quaint residential street in Hawthorn, TSL Residence seeks to conform to its surroundings through subtlety of scale with minimal interventions. Its frontage seeks to preserve the landscape character of the area, presenting itself as a modern adaptation of a traditional cottage. Above, the roof form is a reinterpretation of the vernacular, referencing the strong gables prevalent in the street. A contemporary connection acts as the buffer between old and new, visually recessive behind the existing roof. The rear of the dwelling extends towards the outdoors as a light and contemporary structure. Playful moments of landscape are exposed through high level cut-outs in brickwork, with considered planing zones maximising vistas from inside. Paying homage to its context, re-treated surfaces, tactile materials and refined architectural details come together to create an enduring, yet elegant family home.