Prahran, Melbourne

Sanctuary House

As one of Mim Design’s combined Architecture and Interior Design projects, Sanctuary House, in Melbourne’s Prahran, balances a feeling of warmth and minimalism to craft an uplifting family home with continuity at its core.

A large dining setting and living space are connected to the rear garden and pool via operable glass doors, with abundant natural light tempered by a gentle sweep of sheer curtains. Honed pumice concrete floors, speckled with earthen-toned aggregate, create a crisp and enduring feel, layered with Mim Design’s careful curation of quality furniture, artwork and decor. Embracing a tonal approach to materials, the furniture’s natural leather, travertine, sisal and shearling finishes create a welcoming feel, encouraging the clients to come together as a family.

Photography: Tmothy Kaye
Builders: Clancey Constructions


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