Williamstown, Melbourne

Park House

Merging the historic character of a former Presbyterian manse built in 1856, and its robust, contemporary extension, Park House contrasts rugged materials and refined architectural gestures. Deriving a textural material palette from the home’s historic bluestone facade, rough sawn cut and chiseled stone is complemented by a moody palette of dove greys, charcoals and aged accents. Large spans of concrete are softened through a layered approach to furniture, art and decor, while textured and polished renders, timber and metal paneling balance restraint and abundance. The experience of Park House is conceived as a series of compelling moments and moods. The front rooms are presented as intimate retreats combining soapy tones and organic forms, while the rear addition creates a deep, tonal inversion. A double-height fireplace shrouded in domino quartzite sits in sculptural dialogue with a striding, sinuous staircase finished in blackened metal. The adjacent kitchen combines chiseled and hammered grey marble, black-stained American oak cabinetry and gunmetal detailing – timeless and evocative material pairings.

Interior Design: Mim Design
Architect: Pleysier Perkins
Styling & Furniture: Mim Design
Photography: Sean Fennessy


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