Malvern, Melbourne

In Construction

Lindfield Residence

The architecture and interiors of ‘Lindfield Residence’ explore the notion of Contour and Conceal, playfully paying homage to our client’s influence within skincare and beauty, whilst drawing on its secondary meaning to develop an aspirational environment that is both refined and enduring.  Organic forms, curved apertures and fluid transitions elaborate on the period detailing present in the front of the home, whilst instructing the planning for the interior and the envelope or ‘skin’ of the façade.  These design elements in turn produce cohesive spaces that flow in and out of sanctum terraces, allowing filtered light to flood each room; highlighting figured timber grains, subtly veined marbles and troweled render finishes, all iconic to established residences.  The interiors are an extension of the outdoors and architecture, and exist as an oasis for each and every occupant.

Mim Design Project
Interior Design: Mim Design
Architect: Luca Vezzosi
Renders: Mim Design


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