Casa Lunga

Casa Lunga (Long Home) takes advantage of site constraints by adopting a linear form, which allows for a highly rational floor plan and outdoor living spaces that extend the entire length of the home.  By opening up the plan and orienting it towards the outdoors, the home invites its occupants to experience the entire site.  The home cleverly takes advantage of the site orientation and doubles up the floor plans by blurring the boundary from the inside to out.  Banks of sliding doors seamlessly let the interior flow through to the exterior, allowing conversations from the kitchen to flow into the living room and continue out to the garden and pool.  Featuring pared-down forms and unpretentious materials, the mid-century inspired pavilion-like home creates a sense of functional comfort and elegant style.  Materials are durable, textural and natural in colour with a gentle and soft palette.

Mim Design Project
Interior Design: Mim Design
Architect: Luca Vezzosi
Renders: Stab Studio


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