Joe Black, Emporium

Our Joe Black design philosophy revolved around the hand made and custom tailoring aspect of the Joe Black brand and product. As suiting is created & constructed using various layers, including finer details of hardware and stitching, so too is the inspiration behind the interior look and feel.

From a design perspective, existing decorative elements from the original Lonsdale street building facade have been interpreted into new contemporary expressions. A clever combination which incorporates the existing window framework is weaved in through a contemporary style. This is realised in materials that evoke Joe Black’s branding; classic, understated sophistication which suggest a refined-ruggedness through the use of grey Nuvolato marble, dark timbers, tan leathers, aged brass accents, mirrored glass and plush upholstery.

The classic design maxims including scale, proportion, silhouette, texture and finish have all been carefully considered together to create a characteristically masculine and intimate space that offers the theatre of retail through its attention detail.

Photography: Shannon McGrath


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