Williamstown, Melbourne

Foreshore House

The distinctive form of the original 1930’s English Domestic Revival home, unique location and picturesque surrounds, provide a rare opportunity to transform the existing into a home that responds both to the architectural history and the connection to landscape. Unique elements of the existing heritage fabric, such as the steep gabled roofs, rendered brick walls, and tapestry brick dressings, are subtly referenced in the external and internal detailing of the extension. The planning of the existing home is modernised through internal interventions that produce functional, inviting spaces. Parts of the existing house that were previously under-utilised, such as the vast attic spaces, are reinvented with high gabled ceilings and a sweeping mezzanine.
The architectural and interior design response is a holistic integrated approach delivering detail and design flow throughout, drawing on a distinctive unique design language that embodies the strong character of the home. A home that has a defined personality internally and externally. Smart planning, subtle design details, and a focus on enjoying the beauty of the surrounds, unite to produce a unique family home that reinforces the connection between people, local history, and the landscape.

Interior Design: Mim Design
Architect: Luca Vezzosi
Renders: Mim Design


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