Elsternwick, Melbourne

Hunter & Co. Deli

Hunter & Co. Deli is designed to encapsulate key delicatessen ingredients and pay homage to the authenticity of the product sold in store.  Inspired by salami, cheese and tradition, Hunter & Co. is a destination and functional venue.  Upon entry, a large curved, coloured concrete counter is positioned.  The custom-coloured concrete resembles sliced salami and the design for the feature light fitting sitting above is inspired by a string of bocconcini balls.  Within the deli zone the counter front is moulded out of concrete, designed to mimic the texture of camembert cheese.  Walls feature simple white tiles accentuated with a terracotta grout, and are painted a mortadella pink paint colour.  The mezzanine at Hunter & Co. houses the wine room.  Overlooking the deli, this intimate space is an ideal area to graze enjoying a select range of wines.  Also painted pink the wine room has a warm rose hue and while compact in size, a fully mirrored wall to one end provides added dimension and a grander sense of scale.

Photography: Peter Clarke


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