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Mim Design is an award-winning Melbourne-based interior design and architecture practice known for its creativity, high end finishes and attention to detail. Mim Design is a studio well regarded for its highly tailored and personalised client strategies from concept to delivery.

“Our focus is to inspire our clients with a finished project that goes beyond their expectations. Our philosophy is to produce unique and individual design results that not only reflect our clients or their brand but enhances their lives.”

Recognised nationally and internationally, Mim Design has spent more than 20 years curating a diverse portfolio spanning high end residential, retail, hospitality and corporate projects. More recently the studio, guided by founder and managing director Miriam Fanning, has expanded into five-star hotels, custom multi-residential interiors, architecture and furnishings.

Mim Design is passionate about all facets of architecture and design and believes it’s an essential component to delivering a comprehensive and successful project. The focus is always on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and genuinely reflecting a client’s personality or brand. Our studio proudly collaborates with leading designers, architects, landscapers, builders, developers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, graphic designers and brand managers to achieve world class and award-winning results.

Leadership Team



With over 20 year experience as an Interior designer, Miriam has built a strong reputation in the design industry. Miriam has been involved in many types of design projects ranging from residential both individual and multi, through to hospitality, hotel, retail and large scale retail. Miriam, the founding director of Mim Design, believes in continually being inspired by surrounding environments and seeks a strong sense of design and rational use of purpose for each individual project. Her ability to nurture and meld client relationships ensures the studio is an approachable environment for both clients and the team at Mim Design. Miriam’s passion for visually exploring and achieving high quality standards ensures each project is well considered, crafted and designed for a reason.

Director of Architecture


Luca joins us as a Director of Architecture with over 10 years’ experience, including 5 years with an iconic Melbourne architecture firm working locally and nationally. Luca had an early education in fine-arts which sparked his interest for the crafted and the hand-made. This is evident in his attention to technical detailing and construction knowledge developed through experience and across a variety of scale and typology of buildings. Luca’s innate attitude towards thorough problem solving in design and technical skills makes him a dedicated architect, able to carry a project from concept through to occupation. With his proven presence and deliverables on projects, Luca is fastidious in not only getting the details right, but also the assembly of architecture precise for its inhabitants.



David has held the role of Finance Director since the inception of Mim Design over 20 years ago. He looks after all of the operational needs of the business including invoicing, accounts, contracts, fee letters and Human Resources requirements. David is responsible for project tracking and staff programming ensuring project efficiency. David believes in strong client relationships, with open communication believing all projects are a collaboration with the client and the team.

Creative Director


Emma joined Mim Design in 2012 following six years at another leading Melbourne design studio. Appointed Creative Director in 2016, Emma’s approach to design is creating spaces that are unique to each individual client by having reason and a strong philosophy that is relevant to her client. Emma’s work consists of a highly considered design approach with her ability to ensure each project will stand the test of time. Her wealth of experience across the high-end retail, hospitality and residential sectors cover an extraordinary portfolio of projects. Emma is known for her exemplary management of client relationships as well as her highly creative ability to visualise spaces and concepts which complement her great technical ability to resolve details.



After joining Mim Design in 2015 Charlotte has established herself as an integral member of the interior architecture team. Her passion for design is infectious. With a unique ability to connect people with places, her conceptual style enables the client to express their vision in a way they never realised. With an eye for spatial planning, Charlotte’s technical ability and on-site prowess sees her delivering projects to an exceptional, award-winning standard.

Associate Interior Designer


Stephen joined our team in early 2019. He met Mim when they worked together at the same design practice over 20 years ago. Since then, Stephen has worked in high-end residential, hotel, hospitality and retail projects at several design and architectural offices, large and small. He brings to the practice further design appreciation and finesse and combines this with a practical knowledge of construction, management and delivery of projects.

Associate Interior Designer


Lisa joined Mim Design in 2015 after graduating with First Class Honours with a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) from RMIT. An accomplished and confident designer, Lisa has become an integral senior member of the design team. With a solid flare for conceptual design, her role is diverse including design development and documentation. Lisa’s project experience includes high-end multi and residential projects along with hospitality and corporate workplace projects.

Stylist & Designer


Through her meticulous, creative and highly bespoke approach to interior styling and design, Amelia delivers intriguing and inspiring spaces. She works to create balanced, harmonious spaces that are bound together by a carefully considered design narrative, through the layering of materials, texture, colour and objects. Her work is grounded in strong academic qualifications and she holds a bachelor of Interior Design and Business Management. Amelia’s approach to design is influenced by her interest in art and culture in Australia and abroad. Amelia joined Mim Design in 2017.

Stylist & Designer


Adrian joined Mim Design in 2021, bringing to the team a wealth of experience through his passion for art and furniture design.  Holding a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) from RMIT, Adrian’s work is grounded in his unique design sensibility and purist approach.  Adrian’s strength as a curator stems from his years as a visual merchandiser enabling him to approach every project with a holistic vision in mind.  Adrian’s greatest enjoyment is leading his clients on a design journey in delivering carefully considered and enduring spaces.



Anchoring our designs in a specific response to our client brief, Mim Design’s architectural projects are developed around site and surrounds. Our approach is driven by purposeful decision making, designed to ensure permanence and longevity, whilst stimulating the senses and encouraging interaction with the spaces. Every project is an open conversation with our clients in the first instance, followed by the construction crew, achieving new architectural grounds with each project. Architectural and interior packages are presented together to ensure integration. An open dialogue across the team nourishes creativity and is foundational for the continuation of our design through the development, documentation, and delivery of every project. From the macro scale of the building façade to micro of the joinery detailing, the project specific design philosophy informs our response, manifesting in every aspect of the design. Thoughtful spatial planning ensures a seamless flow of spaces, while materials, colours and finishes are applied with nuanced expression to the exterior and interior.


Mim Design has many years of experience in Planning with leading developers, individual residential clients, retailers, and hotel and hospitality clientele. Our ethos is strong in collaboration with clients, developers, and other consultants utlising workshops to create outstanding project specific interiors. We understand the need for a holistic view of total projects; from planning, analysis and adjacencies to a developer’s perspective, individual homeowners, retailers, and the hospitality sector. Covering all phases from philosophy, design intent, and customization, our Concept phase is established enabling the client to see, feel and understand the project we are creating with them. Taking pride in ensuring all concepts are achievable, Design Development involves finalizing the design direction with the client and project team. Our knowledge of local and international product provides the basis for the project’s overall aesthetic, with initial selections presented as early as Concept stage. The studio’s expansive library is an essential tool and is constantly being updated with new and inspiring products. Documentation is achieved to a high level of detail, aiding the tender and construction process. Our vast experience in commercial and residential services coordination, and our knowledge of space planning, interior detailing, and custom joinery, provides true satisfaction for our clients and builders with whom we work.

Furniture – Styling

Mim Design provides a furniture curation, selection and procurement service. From planning the furniture for a house, through to selection of individual pieces and materials, we also customize furniture to suit the interior. Each home is different as is each client and this service is tailored for every client. Our furniture curation and procurement service also includes artwork and accessories, and extends to the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Our team of interior designers deliver outcomes that take into consideration each space, size and proportion. With knowledge of the local and international market, we strive to create a unique character for each project with a meld of new, vintage, collectables and personalised items. Our project sizes range from apartments, individual and multi, through to homes, corporate and hospitality.

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