Mim Design’s experience, enthusiasm and professionalism extend to the conception of the building as a whole. Our unique response to each client’s brief delivers site specific design resulting in the embodiment of robust materials and craftsmanship; timeless and elegant. Through the curation of light, air and space, complex issues are resolved with simple solutions. A sense of warmth is provided as the spaces adapt to our client’s ways of living.


Recognised nationally and internationally, Mim Design has spent more than 20 years curating a diverse interior design portfolio spanning high-end residential, custom multi-residential interiors, retail, hospitality, 5-star hotels and corporate projects. The focus is on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and reflective of the client’s personality or brand.


Mim Design provides a furniture curation, selection and procurement service. From planning the furniture for a house, through to selection of individual pieces and materials, we also customize furniture to suit the interior. Each home is different as is each client and this service is tailored for every client.

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